Terms and Conditions

terms and conditions

PurchaseTramadolOnline.com will hold the terms and conditions for the products that are available on our website. As you are registering on our website to purchase a product, for that we would require your personal details such as name, email and mailing address and just in case your contact number. Our terms and conditions are very keen in knowing the genuine of the customer who enrolls in buying Tramadol from us.

Information on our website

All the information that has been displayed on our website will be accessible by all the customers. There will be no limitation to access our general materials, videos, photographs, graphic designs, the user interface that are owned by us. You are not allowed to do use this information for the commercial or business purposes. You may not allow to modify, republish, transmit, or post any of the information without the consent from us. You can access and may copy the content available on our website only at the extent of your personal use. PurchaseTramadolOnline.com will hold all the rights, interest and title and to any proprietary information. Failing to follow any of the provisions will subject to the federal copyright law and penalty.

Health related information

The health oriented database provided here is on the basis of describing to you the general principles beyond every health care. And this info is not given as the substitute of any physician’s advice. The user should not involve in medical practice as given on this page without getting legal confirmation from your doctor. You can discuss with a licensed doctor regarding your health condition and the info provided and can make a combined decision. The user should also check for the medication information, its dosage, interaction, and warnings. As the treatment is dependent on numerous factors the med should be prescribed by a physician to avoid the medical crisis.

Password and Security

You are the one who is completely responsible in maintaining the privacy for your user identity and password to access in PurchaseTramadolOnline.com and you are fully responsible for the activities that occur under your username on our website. By this, you agree to two conditions,

  1. Immediately notifying it to PurchaseTramadolOnline.com about the unauthorized use of your username, password or any security breach on your account.
  2. You must have to make sure that you are exiting from your account at the end of using or accessing each session.

Affiliated Links

Our website might provide internal links to other website or services of other third-party sites. But just by doing so, we do not endorse any of the products, content, information, designs or materials that are made available in that affiliated website. By this you agree that we are not responsible for any of the losses or damages of you or any other person accessing and making damages to the contents or sharing of any information to the third parties by the use of your account, or to any products, information, or materials available through those sites. We do not encourage such activities on our website and causing damage to any of the contents on our website will be liable to federal copyright law.

Disclosure of Links

We do work with many third party sites who would provide us with the availability of the service on this website and in providing the links to Third-party sites. The Third-Party sites that we are connected to will include content providers, technology providers, design providers and also supplier of medical products and some related information and service. These Third Party sites will supply information for posting or access to our website. For the accrediting bodies we have limited the access to control over the content for a certain amount.


We the purchasetramadolonline.com does not assure you that the content and information provided here are error-free. We may or may not change our information in future. The present contents are presented as it is with no warranty of stability of the info. Also, we do not ensure the files you download from us are virus free and without any destructive features hence the user downloading it should do it at their own risk. We disclaim the responsibility for the omissions and conduct of any third party with us. Hence when approaching us you can take on the complete responsibility of your access. If your online experience is not satisfactory or the content provided here is not seems satisfactory then you may quit visiting the site.

Also, we have owned the complete right to modify the info we provide or terminate our service or to interrupt may part of the service.

We are authorized and responsible for any inconvenience that occurred during your access. The use or your inability to utilize the online service and any unauthorized use of the service or any contract related access entry to the site are considered as an exception of our liability. The users accessing the info regarding the terms of use and privacy principles then we are good to be liable to you. The unauthorized entry and use of the content and information under nay cause is not considered to deserve our liable response in return. The user should agree to any indemnify and stick on under any claims by any third parties.

We always seek feedback from our users and those provided are said and seen to be non-confidential as we have free access to use that information with no restrictions. If you feel that your information provided are misused or abused by others then you may claim by notifying us. Such as the information including your address, mobile number, e-mail id. Your claim regarding the copyright infringement is noticed by our agent via your official mail.