Refund Policy takes utmost care to deliver all the products at your doorstep without any discrepancies. Since we are subjected to state and federal laws, we are restrained from restocking the sold items. For the users who are ordering the medication with the prescription, as by federal regulations which will not allow us to accept the returns of an order that has been placed. If you happen to receive a broken, severely damaged or crushed package because of human negligence, we would gladly replace the item and reship it for free of cost. However, if the product is unavailable at that juncture we will refund the complete amount.

In very rare cases, when your doctor or healthcare consultant prescribe you the drug, depending on your medical condition, might require a change in medicines and direction for use and/or frequency of use. You should have to follow your doctor’s instructions. However, we do not provide any refund or return of cost if once your order is placed and shipped. Usually, we will always contact or verify your prescription before confirming your placing of the order. In the event where the package is broken or not delivered properly, you may contact our customer care representatives and they will guide on further in seeking a replacement for the product. Hence, returned prescription medications are not eligible for a refund. If you intend to cancel your order you can do so before processing the order. Cancellation requests upon processing of the order will attract a cancellation fee of 10 % that will be deducted from the full amount.

Non-Prescription Purchase

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase of non-prescription products for any reason and you wish to return your order, then kindly do contact our Customer Support who will give you the instructions regarding your request of returning your purchase. Keep your order number ready with you, the reason for your return and also tell the customer administrative if you want a replacement or refund of the product. We do not accept the returns for any the purchase of medication unless it contains a manufacturer defect. When you receive the order package from us, make sure that you received the right medication which you have ordered. We do accept the exchange or credit for the unused, defected items with their original packaging. If any items that have been returned without an original package or after 30 days since received will not be refunded. will provide you with the free shipping for the products that are replaced due to damage in the packaging but on the other cases, the shipping fee may apply. Make sure that you return the product within 30 days since it is received and should have the original receipt that includes the shipment. We do not accept items that are less open or usable if the product is damaged or not distributed.

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