Refund Policy

refund policy

Purchase Tramadol online pharmacy website is following a return policy with three different types which you can find at the end of this article. This return policy will consist the information about the return policy and refund amount. Before claiming the refund or returning the product kindly read this carefully. If it meets any of the following requirement then you are eligible for that then you can be procced for the refund process. Otherwise, if it is not meet the requirements automatically your request will be canceled from our end.

Part: 1 – Returning possibilities and days based on the areas

Location Refund Days Returning Days
USA 7 Working days 10 Working days
United Kingdom 7 Working days 15 Working days
Australia 7 Working days 20 Working days


  • Based on the location and serving department these days will vary.
  • Refunds also will vary sometimes based on the e-wallet or banking service that you have chosen.

Part:2 – For returns process of the package pick up 

The complete process is given below with category wise.

Correct package: 

If you don’t want to use it. Don’t open it just send it directly.
If it is already opened request a direct employee visit. Our employee will check your package by the direct visit after the confirmation he will take the package.

Incorrect package:

Incorrect products we won’t get it directly. First request a complaint from your end. Then we will verify everything from our end. If the mistake is on our end we will reship it without any cost. If it is on your end you need to pay the shipping amount that is explained below.

Damaged package:

For the damaged products, we suggest you check the package when you received. Because after a particular time of returning we won’t accept it those details or given below. So, Kindly check the parcel completely once you got it.


  • For the correct package, if you want to return the package you need to pay 20$ and shipping cost additionally.
  • For the incorrect package, If a mistake is on your end you need to pay 50% of the package amount plus shipping cost.

Part: 3 – Eligibility Criteria to use Refund Policy

Every customer of pharmacy is eligible to use the refund policy if they match to the following certain factors.

  1. Any damage that is occurred on the product should have to mention to the customer care on our website as soon as possible. If the complaint is made after a week of receiving the package will not be considered.
  2. Only the damage that is caused from our side such as during the time of packing or at shipping, then you are very much eligible to get the refund policy.
  3. If you receive the medication past the expiry date, then you are eligible to get the refund from us or you can also ask us to reship a new set of pills.
  4. People who have decided to stop taking the treatment with the drug and they wanted to get the refund for the medication, you have to pay the above-mentioned amount. But in this case after the prescription verification only we will start the process. If you are prescription is failed we won’t process the return process.
  5. You should have to check the manufacturer of this drug before placing your order online, you can get to know about every detail on our website. Once the medication is sold to you, you cannot claim to refund your money.
  6. If the damage to the pills has occurred from your side, then it is sure that you will be able to get the refund or reship for your damaged medication. You just have to reorder again to get the new set of pills from our online pharmacy.