Celebrex 200mg


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Celebrex 200mg is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that mostly affects the hormones which produce inflammation in the body. Inflammation causes pain and hence this medication treats pain and inflammation in conditions related to arthritis, spondylitis and menstrual pain.


Celebrex dosage can be started with low numbers for effectiveness. The recommended dosage for the medication is 200mg, which can be taken as a single dose or as divided doses of 100mg, twice a day. This dosage is best suited for arthritis, while for acute management of pain; the dosage can go up to 400mg.

Side Effects

Celebrex does not produce much of side effects, where some of the extreme risks are Skin rashes, heart issues and stomach bleeding.


Celebrex is contraindicated in patients with NSAID or Salicylate hypersensitivity, asthma, urticaria and for people who have allergic responses to aspirin like drugs.