Privacy Policy

privacy policy


The complete set of information available to you and other users through this online web service will be subjected to the terms of use and privacy policy.

This policy has been created with the intention of getting you clear with what information we get from you and how we utilize it, the security techniques that we opt to protect the collected information, the ways how a user can safeguard their info and how to alter their info provided to us and much more. All this access is made simple. Kindly make note that this policy applies only to the customers who purchase their medication from us. We definitely want you to know what personal information we would collect from you and how we actually use and safeguard your personal information. First of all, you should have to know that our service which we provide to you will require some of your personal information, in the following description, we have clearly explained the reason of collecting your personal data. To provide you with more information and products or services, we would use your personal information and therefore, we do not sell or trade your information to any third parties without your prior notice.

Collection of Personal Data

When you are going to register with us, we will require some of your information that might include both personal and non-personal. In personal information, we ask you to provide your email and mailing addresses, and your contact number. All these information will only be used for sending deals and offers from and we assure our customers that none of the information will be leaked to any third party as part of branding and marketing purpose.

Your information usage

We may utilize the details we gather from you when you sign up, purchase medicines, and in some other ways. We use your details in the following methods.

  • To enable us to deliver the varied type of content and offering products in which you are interested a lot.
  • To allow us to provide better customer service your requests.
  • To process your financial transactions rapidly.
  • To validate your authenticity
  • To carry out a promotion or any other features of this website
  • To troubleshoot issues with any other services as requested
  • Try to reach you regarding recall issues or safety of the products
  • To offer any genuine product or services

Your personal data modification

You can able to update or correct your personal details by requesting us through telephone or re-registering with our online pharmacy. The modification process may take up to 30 days of your request. Based on your personal detail modification request, we will update or correct your information or assault your account to protect any other order placements through that account. Even you can send your request through email. Kindly do not email any of other sensitive information or credit card number. Please ensure that the changes of your personal details are applicable to all process with our site.


When you visit our website, your behaviors in using our information will be monitored by using third-party tools. This would help us in understanding your interests. That information will include your URL, referral/exit pages, date/time stamp, IP address, and ISP name, and located on your computer. We will store all that information on our service providers computers and in a Cookie, which is a small data file that we create and store on your computer. You can also free to disable cookie in your settings bar.

Disclosing Personal information

We will make a necessary and official step in order to limit the usage of your personal information. assures that your personal details will not be disclosed to any other unless it is to the extent necessary.

Your Rights

You can print, download, or request us for a printed copy of privacy policy including terms and conditions at any time. You can request us a copy of your personal information that we have collected from our website. As there was high piracy online, the information that we collect from you will be maintained on high privacy. Do not disclose your account details with anyone and if you do so or loss, we will not be liable to any damage or wrongful use or disclosure of your personal information by third party websites.

Last Updated: September 18, 2018