Privacy Policy is very much concerned in maintaining your privacy. We definitely want you to know what is the personal information that we would collect from you and how we actually use and safeguard your personal information. First of all, you should have to know that our service which we provide to you will require some of your personal information, in the following description, we have clearly explained the reason of collecting your personal data. Some information about you will be disclosed to the Third parties sites such as accrediting bodies, just by providing your information in order to get the service from them and it may be used by both us and Third Parties. To provide you with more information and products or services, we would use your personal information.

Collection of Personal Data: When you are going to register with us on our website, we will require some of your information that might include both personal and non-personal. In personal information, we ask you to provide your email and mailing addresses, and your contact number. If you send any of the emails, in correspondence to our website such as newsletters, or if you are sending it to the third parties such as businesses, you can send us communications about your activities in connection to the use of the website and we do have the rights to retain and use that information. We will definitely make sure and will treat all those information and communications in accordance with this privacy policy.

Cookies: When you visit our website, your behaviors in using our information will be monitored. This would help us in understanding your public interests. That information will include your URL, referral/exit pages, date/time stamp, IP address and ISP name, located on your computer. We will store all that information on our service providers computers and in a Cookie, which is a small data file that we create and store on your computer. You can also free to disable cookie in your settings bar.

Disclosing Personal information: We will make a necessary and official step in order to limit the usage of your personal information. As we said in the above, we might disclose your personal details to the third parties such as accrediting organizers with whom we work to the extent necessary so as to provide the services that you have requested. assures that your personal details will not be disclosed to any other unless it is at the extent necessary.

Your Rights: You can print, download, or request us for a printed copy of privacy policy including terms and conditions at any time. You can request us a copy of your personal information that we have collected from our website. As there was high piracy online, the information that we collect from you will be maintained on high privacy. Do not disclose your account details with anyone and if you do so or loss,  we and the affiliates will not be liable to any damage or wrongful use or disclosure of your personal information by third party websites.

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