Payment Methods

Card, Bitcoin, online wallet

How can I pay in

We offers different payment options to our buyers. We serve millions of Tramadol users across the globe. So to offer our buyers a privilege to use different payment options we provide various options.

Some such payment options that we offer our buyers to enjoy is a master card, visa card, bitcoin payments, electronic checks, and Amazon pay options.

You can find a variety of payment options on our website which means that you are free to pick any one of it from us as you desire.

How can I pay using the Debit and Credit cards?

Our online pharmacy would accept payments made by Credit and Debit cards that are distributed in all regions of the world. Several pieces of information required to complete the order process. Those details are name, email id, delivery location, and mobile number. Payment is one of the major factors to end up the process of the transaction for order products so you will be asked to select the payment modes that are listed on the site. Yet you have to choose either Debit or Credit card since we allow these two payments.

Debit Cards

In case if you have chosen the option of debit card, (i.e) either VISA, or MasterCard, then you have to provide your debit card number (i.e)16-digit number and expiry date of debit card and it’s 3-digit CVV number(it will give at the backside of your debit card). After providing these details, you will be redirected to the web page of bank’s site for providing a secure password.

Credit Cards

There will be an option to select the type of Credit card that you are utilizing, for example, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Visa. Once you click any of the options, then you will be asked to enter your name as it seems to be displayed on your Credit card. Thereafter, provide your credit card details such as card number, date of expiration and security code. For MasterCard, Visa, and Discover, the 3-digit security code will be given at the backside of the card. The 4-digit security code will be given at the front-right side in an American Express card and is printed above the card number. After filling out these details, you will be taken over to the bank’s web page in order to enter your password for completing the payment transaction.

How can I pay using the Ewallets Amazon Pay, Google Pay?

A few steps involved in completing the payment process with Ewallets Amazon Pay and Google Pay.

  1. At the checkout page, you will notice the logo of Amazon E-Wallet and GPay. Click any of these two options of which one you required to make a payment for your order medication.
  2. Suppose if you are choosing the E-Wallets Amazon Pay, then you will be required to click “Buy with E-Wallets Amazon Pay “. The rest of the payment transaction will be carried out of itself since you have previously set an account for payment methods. So your amount will be transferred directly from your bank account via credit or debit card which you have set up within the EWallets Amazon Pay.
  3. You can further make use of Google Pay while you are buying Tramadol online. Just search for a button at the checkout page that implies “Buy with GPay “. Tap that icon and the remaining transaction process will be taken over by them because you have attached either debit or credit card along with Google Pay so your transactions will be processed either with any these two methods.
  4. Suppose if you find balance is low in these two wallets to complete the order process, then you can go to the app wallet and refill the amount from your bank account to these wallets.

Can I use Bitcoin for the transaction?

The user can also make use of the BitCoin payment option provided on the website. And this is one of the fast and easily accessible methods of payment which doesn’t need any of your card and account details.

Using BitCoins you can pay your invoice from either of the methods such as by scanning the QR code as once your invoice code is scanned from your device the amount of the invoice will be debited from your account,

or you can directly pay from the Wallet if your wallet and the invoice are on the same device then you can view and confirm payment from your BitCoin Wallet,

by paying using manual payment as using the URL of your invoice in the Wallet and transferring the respective money.

Can I use internet banking option for the transaction?

No, we are not providing internet banking option for the payment transactions as of now. We offer numerous payment options such as Debit Card, Credit Card, and E-checks. So you can choose any of these payment methods instead of internet banking to complete the checkout process for the order medication. These payment methods take only a few minutes to end up the transaction process and ensure that your payment processing with the card is secure with our online pharmacy. But in future, there will be a chance for us to bring the internet banking option for money transaction process.

Is it Monthly Subscription Plan available?

Sorry for your inconvenience. As of now, we do have a monthly subscription plan. But still, we are working hard to bring Monthly subscription plan in our system yet soon you will get a chance to make use of our subscription plan. Meantime, you can procure the medicine with any other available payment options. We do list several payment methods on our checkout page. Just click any of the options to end up the transaction process for an order placement. All the transactions that are made through these payment gateways are secured and safe yet you need not worry about to make utilize of it.

What is COD?

Cash On Delivery is the most desired method of payment that our customers choose from us. However, this method of payment is prohibited for some users. The customers who are localized near to our location can make use of this payment method. Once the package is delivered to your doorstep you can make your payment to the delivery men. And it is recommended only cash will be accepted from you at the time of COD and all other payment options will be banned from usage.

You need to choose your relevant payment method from the list given. If you have chosen debit card mode of payment then you will be directed to the payment page where all your payment credentials and necessary details will be drawn. Such as your name and identity card details such as your name, CVV number and card number.

Such payment details from our customers are stored safely using software protecting piracy of the data. Hence the user can be tension free about submitting the confidential transaction details. We do not buy or sell any customer related details from or to any third party owners under any situations.

The users should provide their valid card details to us as this is necessary to make a successful payment. As similar to debit card transaction you can choose other payment methods too.

The buyers having queries in the payment options can seek the help of our customer support team. Also, they will help you complete your order placement successfully.

Is it safe to proceed online transactions at

Our customers find convenient in using all these payment methods. The information that you provide us will be kept safe and secure. We assure our buyers that the information will not be leaked from us at any cost. And the users are recommended to leave the page by logging out after the order is placed.

As there is a chance of others misusing your account and information. You can get all safety ideas from our customer people to protect your account details. You are needed to follow all such instructions. All the information are simple and easy to follow.

To make the online purchase easy and faster different payment options will help you. Just by providing us your card details your payment options will be done. The user can be hassle-free while submitting their details at our website as the valuables you provide will be kept safe.

What is prevention method taken by to save the card details from the attackers and hackers?

The information that you provide us are highly secured. We intend on protecting the information using various methods. By updating the software and even the operating system periodically thus providing security up to date. Manipulating of the existing info you provided are protected using SQL rogue query say parameterized statements. The HTTPS protocol will ensure you the high security that any unauthorized person views and get your details. Also, we are using the website security tool which we call it as penetration testing or pen testing. Netsparker is the tool which we aid to protect all your details.