Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

The prescriptions that are provided by the online doctor are accepted by us. We would check the authenticity of the medical script prior providing you the medication. Even those prescriptions that are got from the doctor personally can be uploaded to the site. If it is a genuine one it is also accepted.
As of now, we do not offer any online medico consultation. However, in the future we are planning to provide this facility to our users. Now, we accept the online prescriptions and we would also guide you with the place through which you can get one.
If the received online medical script is legal it is definitely accepted by a traditional brick and mortar store. However most of the pharmacies would not prefer filling your prescription if it is bought online.
It depends on the place through which you are getting an online medical script. Most of the portals would help you to fill the prescription for free of cost. Even if some of the mail order pharmacies are going to charge you it would be of nominal charge. One thing is for sure and that is you can definitely get an online prescription for a lesser charge than the ones that you get conventionally.
It is very simple. You just need to produce your current and history of medical records. if you keep it ready you can easily upload it when asked. Other than that, you have to ensure that your internet connection is strong and log in to the Skype before staring the online consultation.
The online doctor prescription is definitely legal and it depends on the place that you have opted for. If the consultation is made on the legal online pharmacy then there are chances that the online doctor would be an expert and he or she can write the prescription legally. However you have to stay cautious on the counterfeit online pharmacies. These are known to fake the prescription and it is completely illegal. Do you need to fill the prescription from the same place where you bought the medical script? It is definitely not required that you fill the online prescription from the same place through which you have got it. However there are online drugstores that enforce you to fill the e-prescription at the same place.


You can get world class medications at a lower price. You can also experience different payment options, customer care service, shipment methods, refunds, free medical script, discounts, FDA approved Tramadol, different variants of the medication, packaging and more benefits.
If you have chosen a normal shipping option, your parcel can be delivered within 10 days of time. The delivery time changes from one shipping method to another.
Yes, we do offer Cash on Delivery option. If you choose this you can pay the money for the package once it gets delivered to your place.
We only source Tramadol medication through the best drug manufacturing company of Tramadol in the US.
You can check the shipping policy and refund policy if you have any queries regarding it.

Order Related Queries

The user has a complete liberty to cancel the orders they make. By getting into your profile you could see the orders you have placed which you can cancel it until the package is dispatched from us. Once the pack is dispatched the status will be updated to you via email or SMS and from that time on the cancellation of your orders will be deducted from the shipping amount. If the package has reached you then you may return the product back to us and can claim for refunding excluding the amount we spend on shipping services. To know more about the refund and return policies you may refer our shipping policies.
The current status of the packets dispatched will be notified by the shipping service and our team will be viewing the live status until the pack is delivered successfully to you. Hence the user can make a call to our customer support team regarding the delivery status of your dashboard. Before that, you can check your package via the tracking is provided to you. If the status is shown as delivered then you can connect our delivery team. They by resolving the issue at the delivery service will get your packets delivered soon without delay. If any damage or missing of the pack is noticed then the same content of the pill will be delivered again to you. This will not charge any amount from you.
It is quite simple and takes only few minutes to change your order details. Just visit the order placements area in your Account. Thereafter click the link “order details” of which one you need to change. Look for an edit button below your order information and then change the details you desire to modify(Shipping address, billing address, payment options, email id, etc). Finally click the button “save” once you have edited your order details. In case if your product has been shipped, then we can not able to modify anything so make sure to provide correct shipping address while you making a purchase with us.
Yes, it is possible under liable terms. You can order Tramadol for your buddy and by providing the delivery address of your friend correctly your package will be delivered to them. Make sure the country laws in which he/she is residing permits outsourcing of Tramadol from the USA. Also, make sure the Prescription you provide is authorized under your friend’s name. If all the liabilities match our examination such as the Rx verification, address verification, and the country laws. After your order will be placed and the tracking id will be sent your registered contact number and mail id.
You find the shipping costs and estimated time at our shipping policy where all these details has been disclosed on that web page. It is necessary to look out the shipping policy before making a purchase of pain relief medicine with our internet drugstore since it will be useful for you to know our shipping price and estimated time delivery. We have given an approximate time for all shipping services such as overnight shipping, traditional shipping, quick delivery, and express shipping. The rates of each shipping is minimal compared to other places.
No, we are the stockist providing the high quality of Tramadol tablets to our customers. Other forms of Tramadol such as Tramadol gel or spray is not available in our pharmacy. Hence you cannot make the purchase of gel from us. The user searching for any product can visit our product page and can view through the list of products provided. As of now, we are the genuine suppliers of the Tramadol tablets of varying dosages. Possibly in future, you may find Tramadol gel included in our list of products on the page.
We are sorry that we sent an inappropriate Tramadol dosage instead of your chosen 50mg dosage pill. You can reorder the medicine again from our online pharmacy or claim request for return and refund the amount of your medication order. Even you can get the assistance from our customer support team as they would always being here to help you to resolve your problems. Again we are extremely sorry for the inconvenience and we would never do like in future for any of our customers. So you can trust us and reorder the medicine again with our online pharmacy.

Other Queries is a #1 quality Tramadol seller where Tramadol buyers can get their medicines easily. You will find a wide range of various Tramadol dosages in our online pharmacy. More than other online and offline pharmacies, our job does not wind up at delivering your medicine since we remind timely about refills and explain the features of medication and how to use it properly to get rid out of pain and moreover we offer genuine Tramadol at an extremely lower price which could not see in other places. Millions of peoples across the world have made a purchase with
This may be due to three major reasons such as any suspicious activity detected from your side. Or this may be because of the error that occurred on our side such as server error, updating activity. Or you may be punched the wrong password or username, which you can check for the pop-up text notifying you as you have provided incorrect username or password. Nat technical error notification can be cleared by our technical support team hence feel free to make a call to them, they will direct you to the solution.
The person in need to claim for a refund will rise for tickets and once your refund is confirmed you can check the ticket status from your account. If your invoice amount is credited back to your registered bank account the status will be updated. During the confirmation of your refund, the confirmation text comprising the period of a refund will also be provided which can be checked. Also, you can check your bank account details. At times the amount may be credited in prior to our updation. As our update process will be followed by the confirmation of account transfer this might lag behind by few hours.
A working day is nothing but the day on which the business is being conducted and it depends on the working hours of the organization. A normal day includes the activities of being performed regularly and it includes government holidays, weekends, and weekdays. Make sure to check out these details during a purchase because we would mention the estimated delivery time as 2-3 business days or 10-15 normal days on the order confirmation screen and this implies that you will receive the drug package within 2-3 working days. Hence this one is considered to be a major difference between working day and normal day.
No worries. You can get assistance from our customer support team as they are well qualified trained experts in a medical field or else you can get online doctor consultation service at free of cost through our portal. Even you visit a nearby clinic and consult the doctor visually and ask them to prescribe Tramadol dosage accurately. Try any of these methods to obtain a right dosage of Tramadol before going to purchase. Taking an appropriate pills does not lead to severe side effects hence it always better to go for an accurate pain relief medicines.
As we are serving our customers through online retailers and dispatching units. And we didn’t have any physical drugstore operating locally. Any queries related to the service can be get cleared by our customer care team members. Our support team is available every possible hour to read and respond to your queries. Ant service or product related queries and your doubts regarding the accessing our service or placing of the orders can be made simple by directing you in the right way. Hence you can order and purchase any products via internet legally.