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Famous cyclist “Lieuwe Westra” admits that he also used Tramadol

lieuwe westra

Westra in the book for an interview has reported that he has purchased Tramadol and consumed it along with 600mg of caffeine for boosting up his performance. The Tramadol pill will help him get rid of the sensation of pain along the run while this caffeine pill equivalent to 6 cups of coffee will help him stay awake and active throughout the run. During his time trial of 14.2Km of cycling track, he took both this med using which he finished third in the trial. Yet his performance was 3 seconds lagging behind the winner Maciej Bodnar as this was quite satisfactory to win the overall win.

Following this report in the book the Dutch publication, Volkskrant shot him either of these grey area methods were Tramadol is excessive to complete the overall run. Westra neglected.

People queries were listed one after the after seeking his reply as Why does he prefer this Tramadol med why a puffer is needed for him to showcase his willpower and also neither he is having the medical trouble of asthma. All these queries were answered simply to the newspaper. He says that Tramadol is allowed to be taken by the individual and also it improves the performance of him. Also, he added a statement even if he didn’t take the aid it will be taken by someone for sure and that is what a cyclist will think to present their best ability.

Neither this drug Tramadol nor Caffeine is classified under the banned category of drugs or as the anti-doping list of drugs but the medication is listed under the monitored category of drugs. In the mid Caffeine was once banned but after considering the athletes consuming coffee, tea or any other fizzy drinks showing positive test results Caffeine was removed from the list in 2003.

Tramadol has neither faced any banned category of issues but it has been faced contentious issue particularly in cycling. Also, this Tramadol has the history of misuse among the cyclists and some has reported it as the reason for crashes occurred during the race. A month commencing after this Westra was appointed and the UCI president David Lappartient expressed his desire to ban this painkiller drug Tramadol in 2019.

Also, Westra admitted that he has taken Cortisone. As the forbidden drugs will never be provided to the riders at any cause the Astana team was surprised. Also, they warned this act will lend penalty charges from such riders as the doping substance was banned and strictly prohibited for the use of athletes.

When Volkskrant inquired Westra about the professional victory in 2009 of winning the Arno Wallaard Memorial. There Westra recalled and stated his teammate Apart Vierhoute advice to him as one should always be sure of the victories behind the name, if needed you can pay for it since you always get it back from various negotiations.

Throughout the interview, Westra maintained that all he has done was just to enhance his performance and neither of it was cheating as he didn’t go wrong anyway. And in his autobiography looking back as a professional rider of 10 years. There in his book “The Beast, the cycling life of Lieuwe Westra also he stated that he took the controversial painkiller pill Tramadol to boost his performance.

Over its performance-enhancing benefits, this Tramadol has been seen as the controversial substance as it reduces the awareness and also increases the risk of facing crashes. Thus the president of the International Cycling Union has recommended the complete ban of Tramadol and corticosteroids.

As Westra stated that nothing was done wrong after admitting that he has taken  Tramadol the Astana has expressed their negative review as they these are drugs that are categorized as forbidden to be taken by the riders and if any athlete or rider taking such forbidden medication is considered to be offensive and acting against law.

Cortisone was banned from the competition, with the riders those requiring such forbidden drugs, as this has the performance-enhancing effect associated with it. Where Tramadol is also considered as one such drug which was taken by Westra to enhance the performance of him and boost his ability to complete the ride effectively.

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