Customer Care

customer care offer customer care service to our users of this online pharmacy. You can utilize this facility for 24/7. The customers can order the medication that they want at any time of their choice. In this phase, there are chances for you to get queries such as queries related to your account management, package tracking related information and offers etc. If this is the situation then not every individual can handle it. This is the reason why our customer care team is available and they can help you with it.

We have given multiple methods to contact us those methods are listed below.

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If you don’t have time to call or contact, based on our previous questions we have added the top listed question here at the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Our customer care team would be very responsive and they are very polite. Their job is to help you and they would do it properly. It is definite that you can trust them and get guidance for ordering the medication. You are also allowed to ask multiple queries to them and they are ready to answer it politely.

In case, you experience any concern with regards to the customer care person then you can definitely raise a complaint and we would check on it. Those who had a wonderful experience and share it through email and this can be a motivation for our customer care team people.