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What is Tramadol?

This is a narcotic pain relief medication. Tramadol can be effective for people those who are suffering from moderate to severe level of pain. This medication is categorized under schedule II drug. This means that there is a higher possibility for a person to get addicted to Tramadol during the treatment. Usually the therapy period would only be there only for two to three weeks of time. Only when you have a prescription you are legally eligible to procure the medication. One of the common routes of administration is through mouth. A single pill with a glass of water can be consumed and wait for the effectiveness. Other routes of administration are intravenous, rectal and intramuscular.

Tramadol is available in two forms such as immediate release and extended release. Those with moderate pain can opt for either immediate or extended release capsule. However those who are suffering from severe level of pain are recommended to go for the latter as this avoids them from popping the pills more often. Tramadol medication would not cure the pain but it would only effectively treat it. You are supposed to check the underlying reason behind pain and treat it to get rid of it.

What is Tramadol Used for and why?

Tramadol is a well-known pain relief medication that is beneficial in individuals those who are suffering from moderate to severe level of pain. This drug belongs to a narcotic group. People often go for this drug because of the effectiveness it provides on pain. It has quick onset of action. After the medication is taken, it might take only an hour to show its action. So those who are suffering from severe pain would also find this medication to be very effective. They get rid of pain completely from the body and they feel relaxed. There are two types of Tramadol. In case of immediate release, quick effect is provided on the condition. If you consider extended release, the outer layer of the capsule would get absorbed in the body. So you would get the effects initially. After certain period of time, the rest of the ingredients would get released helping a person to get the effectiveness for a prolonged period of time. Depending on the requirement a person can choose the variant of the medication.

What does Tramadol consist of?

Tramadol consists of both active and inactive ingredients. The main ingredient in the medication is also called as Tramadol. This is the main ingredient that is required for a person to get the effectiveness on pain. Tramadol is which causes the working mechanism. To be clearer, after the medication is taken the tablet would get released in the body. The pain is caused due to the signals that are transmitted by the brain to the body which tells that there is an issue in a region. This is why a person would experience pain.

So Tramadol would restrict the signal that the central nervous system sends in the body. When the signal is stopped, the person would automatically get relieved from pain. Apart from this Tramadol would also consist of inactive ingredients. In generic variant of the medication there will be more difference between these inactive ingredients. There is no need to be worried about. This is because inactive ingredients would not cause any effectiveness on pain and it is added only for the active ingredient to get a tablet form.

Apart from this, the generic pharmaceutical might add various ingredients on the tablet with respect to law.

How efficient is Tramadol in treating pain?

Tramadol is definitely a very effective medication on pain. This tablet can solve the issue of a person which ranges from moderate to severe. Tramadol is available in different dosage strengths like 50mg, 100mg and 150mg. There are three varieties of dosage strengths. The reason behind this is that it can cater to the needs of different person. The success rate of the medication is very much high for sure. After Tramadol tablets are taken, you can get completely relieved from pain. The pills are usually instructed to be taken in different intervals.

So this helps a person to get the effect of the medication throughout the day. Till there is a presence of the active ingredient in the body there are chances for you to be completely unaware of the pain. This medication is the highest selling drug in the market and this is the answer on how effective the pill is on pain. Most of the doctor would go about prescribing it to their patient.

What are the withdrawal effects of Tramadol?

After Tramadol therapy is halted and within a span of 2 to 4 days there are chances that you would experience withdrawal effects. It can also be referred as after effects. Some of the withdrawal symptoms with Tramadol are agitation, drug cravings, pain in stomach, yawning more often, hypertension, rapid breathing, depression, muscle or body ache, running nose, sweating a lot, no appetite, pupil dilation, and difficulty in thinking. These are some of the effects that a person would experience and he or she should get help from a healthcare professional in this phase. Moreover these effects would fade away after sometime.

Tramadol vs Ultram

Tramadol is the generic version whereas Ultram is the brand version. Both these drugs would contain the same active ingredient and would acts as a pain reliever. However there are slight variations among these. Tramadol medication would be very cheap whereas Ultram is very expensive and it will be available in a premium price. Ultram has undergone various medical trials over Tramadol medication. The complete set of side effects that a person would experience while taking Ultram are very well known compared to Tramadol. There are various generic manufacturing companies that make Tramadol and it can make it in any appearance they want. Brand drug is the first to be established in the market and has a very big fan following among people. Mostly the insurance companies would be interested in covering the cost of Ultram drug over Tramadol. However, when you consider the effectiveness of both these medications then it would be more or less same and anyone can be picked.

Tramadol Legal Status

The Legal Status of Tramadol was given on Aug 18, 2014. The Federal Controlled Substances Act which is managed in the United States has placed Tramadol under the Schedule IV. These drugs on the schedule IV that can cause addiction to the consumer and are accepted for the medical use in the United States.

Famous brands of Tramadol

This pain relief medication is available in different brand names. Some of them are Ultram, Zytram, Conzip, Ultram ER and Rybix ODT. From these pharmaceuticals, you can get the original Tramadol brand drug.

The rate that you are supposed to pay to them would also be very much high. It means you have to pay a premium price in order to receive these pills. Each and every brand drug is effective and that is why it is very famous among people. Apart from this, you might get Tramadol pills from and there are generic drug manufacturers.

Patent Expiration of Tramadol

Tramadol has got its approval from the United States’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in March 1995 and its extended-release form in September 2005. When it comes to the patent expiration for Tramadol, it has been protected by the US nos. 6,2544,887 and 7,074,430. At first, the patent expiration for Tramadol has listed by the FDA till May 10, 2014. But in the year 2009, the District Court for Delaware has ruled that these patents on Tramadol is invalid, and if it survives appeal, it would allow the production and distribution of Tramadol in the United States.

Tramadol Variants

The available variants for Tramadol is 50mg and 100mg. These medications are similar to other pills that we used to take orally, and the dosage for each person will be varied depending on the severity of the pain. Those dosage and the variants will be selected only by the doctor after thoroughly examining the patient. The doctor will also consider the medical history of the patient to make sure that if a person has any record of addiction to the drug. If a person has a history of drug or alcohol abuse, then Tramadol will not be prescribed to the patient as it would cause a hyper dependence to this medication that might result in dangerous effects to the patients. However, at initial, 25mg of Tramadol will be given to the patient and will be raised for every three days gradually increased to 100mg dosage on every morning until the occurrence of the pain cures completely.

Is Tramadol 100mg the best dosage?

Yes, Tramadol 100mg is the best dosage for a person who is suffering from pain. You have to know that particular dosage strength of the medication might be the best for many people. However, for every person the same drug dose would not be the ideal one. It would be clear now for sure. Some people might find Tramadol 100mg to be effective and the best on their condition whereas there are others who might find Tramadol 50mg to be effective. Every dosage strength is ideal for some person and this is the reason why you have to get help from a doctor to pick a dose for you.

Is Tramadol dangerous?

When Tramadol is consumed without the medical script of the doctor then it can be really dangerous. Though this drug belongs to the narcotic group it definitely possesses high addiction capability. This is the reason why the healthcare professional would prescribe the medication for two to three weeks. If you are consuming the pills for a longer span or with higher dosage strength then there is a high chance that you would develop addiction to it. There are people who are using Tramadol for recreational purpose. In this case, the drug is very addictive and dangerous to them for sure.

Usage of Tramadol in Premature Ejaculation

It might be surprising that a person can find Tramadol to be very effective on premature ejaculation. This is a pain relief medication that is supposed to treat pain. However, in a recent research it is found that Tramadol can really be working wonders in Premature Ejaculation. This might be due to the fact that, when a man is suffering from pain there are chances that he would not be able to be relaxed thus the erection would stop before reaching the climax. When you consume Tramadol, you can temporarily get rid of pain and you can concentrate on your sexual activity. However, we would not recommend this medication if you are planning to treat premature ejaculation as it is not approved by the authorities. Go for other ED drugs that are present in the market.

Tramadol and Narcotics

There is always a misconception that Tramadol is a narcotic medication however this is not true. This medication belongs to the non-narcotic drug group. Tramadol is not very addictive compared to the drugs that belong to the narcotic class. However we cannot deny the fact this medication is not addictive at all and it is a must to be careful during the treatment. When taken with caution Tramadol can really provide great effectiveness on the condition for sure.

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