Willey and I had our first baby and we have named her Jane. She is kind of cute that you cannot take your eyes off her.  I breastfeed my child, which I always believe is the greatest thing a mother can do for her child. It naturally boosts the immune system, which is needless to say but the one thing which I was much concerned about was the drug I was taking after my delivery.

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After my delivery, I had this pain on my hip, which I didn’t, care much. A Few days later, I couldn’t bare the pain that after few suggestions from my junior college mate, I planned to buy soma online to treat the pain by myself.  I know it is not legal to buy the drug without a prescription from a health care professional. At the least, I could have had a word with my doc who assisted me in my delivery.

I took the drug for a year and while I was breastfeeding my child, out of the blue moon, I questioned myself, what if the drug affects the health of my girl Jane? Caring so much about my daughter, I got an appointment from one of the general physicians in my locale and met him with my daughter.

The doc told me the shocking news that most of his patients order soma online without knowing why the drug is used and how it affects the unborn baby and the baby who is breastfed.

I explained what happened and how I bought the drug online without a prescription. I was shocked that he was not taken aback of what I did.  He explained to me that most of his patients who get an appointment make the same mistake and so he is not surprised. The doc specializing in gynecology, maternal patients are the frequent visitors with almost similar instances.

I was totally shocked to hear this, as I was doing the same exact foolish thing that all others were doing.  But I must confess that it was my mistake to buy muscle relaxes online rather than having a word with the doctor.

I must personally thank one of my other friends, who happened to see me taking the tablet without a prescription. Her questions evoked new thoughts about the pill I was taking.

The doc after hearing all my story of soma; said that soma doesn’t cause much damage to the child even if you are breastfeeding.  He also added that Jane would have had slight sedation but not to an extent that she might have become unconscious.

The doc also reckoned that even if I took Carisoprodol 700 mg plus propoxyphene 70 mg and acetaminophen 900 mg 3 times daily, Jane would not be prone to adverse effects or unusual behavior. Only a slight sedation would be found in the infant.

I got totally relieved by hearing this and that was the moment I decide not to buy Carisoprodol online (soma is also called as Carisoprodol) without a proper prescription from a health care professional and once I get the approval from my doctor, I will always opt for the best internet pharmacies to purchase my Soma pills.

If there is anybody out there, who made the mistake as mine, all I would suggest is to stop the medication and consult a health care professional immediately. While going for a consultation, please take your daughter or son along with you, so that he might also check if there are any possible side effects in the baby.

And another small piece of advice would be, share the same with your friends and families, going to be mom’s, young fells who are planning to have a baby and to all the people you know so that they do not make the same mistake which I did. In fact, I rather suggest them to know all the possible information about the Soma medication by going through Soma blogs from reputed online sites before taking a decision on consuming this pill.