Mocking has become a daily thing at my workplace, home and as well in the streets. I could have tolerated all these mocking if I was of 35 years old, the only thing which takes all these mocking to a heart is that I’m 25 years of age. People think that I am too old and call me by names, which I could not completely tolerate. When I am done with those mocking, the next begins at my home, where my brothers and cousins start teasing me. So to put an end to these mocking and teasing, I have tried various alternatives like wigs and other supplement products, to grow hair on my bald head. You would not believe that I have also tried the products that are advertised on the television but of no use. Finally, I need to get an appointment, who was believed to be the best doctor in the city for treating male pattern hair loss.  The doc ran through few tests and prescribed me Propecia and he also assured that I would be seeing a considerable difference in the hair growth, just like all other doctors said. I clearly said to the doctor that I would buy Propecia online than buying from a pharmacy that is attached to the clinic. He said he does not have any issues with it and also guided me about buying online and they were as follows.

The first thing he mentioned was that though the drug is a prescription drug it is not a controlled substance, so buying the drug without a prescription is easily possible. So if you are going to buy Propecia online without prescription, you should know the exact dose that your body will be requiring. There are few instances, where high dosage can lead to impotency. So to make sure that you do not suffer from these side effects, it is best to get a prescription from a doctor.

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The next thing which he said was about the name; it seems that the drug is called by different names. Propecia is also called as finasteride. If you are not able to find the name Propecia, you can search for the finasteride and if it is available, you can go ahead and buy finasteride online, than just sticking to a single name.

The doctor also explained the difference between Generic drugs and Brand names. He added that it is very important to know whether the drug is a generic one or a brand one. Though they are the same in terms of chemical components, they differ in physical properties like color, shape, and size. But the one thing which makes the brand always the most preferred is the way the drugs are manufactured. When the drug is a whole, there would be no problem but when the drug is broken into two halves then the problems. It is very uncertain that the same kind of ratio would be present in the two halves but when the brand drug is broken into two, the ratio would be present in the two halves.

You would be wondering where to buy Propecia online when there are thousands of online pharmacies that sell the same drug but with a different price range. The best place to buy the drug is to check for an online site that has clearly has displayed its terms, conditions, privacy policies, return policies, shipping policies and others. A note should also be made about the physical address of the online drugstore, so that it would be easy for you to contact them for any queries that are associated with the drug.