Is using Adderall during pregnancy and nursing safe?

Adderall, whose active components are a combination of two psychostimulant compounds known as amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. They are mainly used in the therapeutic treatment for narcolepsy and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) basically a neuro disorder with ability to stay attended along with impulsiveness. This drug is listed as a pregnancy category C class, which means that the scientific evidence for risk in pregnant women is not clearly ruled out, but indicates risk on animal reproduction. But it’s a highly controlled drug belonging to schedule II in US and Schedule I in Canada. So the distribution highly depends on the doctors certified prescription or direct allotment.

There are contradiction’s regarding the usage of this drug by pregnant women. However, no scientific background is ever produced. Some usual effects of Adderall in pregnant and unborn babies are premature birth, morphological in completion, and low weight at the time of birth. Whereas mothers would exhibit withdrawal syndrome on sudden restriction for the medicine which would affect the health of the baby. Though concerned women usually avoid the drug during pregnancy or go with mild alternatives for a duration of time. Whereas it is restricted for breast feeding females.

Should I take Adderall while pregnant?

Since there is no strict evidence regarding the usage, it is not really necessary to avoid the drug. But if you are really concerned about the child then it’s okay to quit the usage for a period until the newborn stops breastfeeding. However if you are an ADHD patient, depending the severity of condition you might be facing a real problem without taking medication. . Basically, it’s a hormonal game happening inside the body of an ADHD patient. So such patients must take strict advice from their Doctor.

One must talk about their condition to the doctor, where they would finally conclude whether it’s necessary for you to go with medication or not. If they suggest it’s not necessary then it’s better to avoid the Adderall because they are hard addiction makers and possess chronic withdrawal syndromes.

Other possible side effects using Adderall while pregnant and nursing.

This list of side effects occurs and only among different patients depending on their internal health.

  • Breathing trouble or worsened asthma.
  • Hallucination or feeling sleepy.
  • Stabbing chest pain
  • Seizure
  • Restlessness
  • Muscle tremors
  • Blurred vision

There are furthermore mild or less common side effects like anxiety, excessive sweating, feeling tired or fatigue etc.

While pregnant, women take in a lot of hormone balance to keep their body prepared for a delivery, Adderall on the other hand is known to have a drug interaction with almost 500 chemical drugs in use. So if you are using Adderall during pregnancy it must be the priority news to be conveyed to your gynaecologist. There is possible evidence that amphetamine present in Adderall diffuses into the breast milk during lactation phase, so mothers must strictly avoid the usage. The best choice would be to listen to your doctor’s verdict, and to choose a wise decision keeping in mind the side effects and danger level of the drug.