I was married for 10 years and I remained infertile. Things came to an end when I decided to call off the wedding vows and get married to someone else, who would be potent enough to make me a mother. All I wanted is to become a mother and then I also had the problem of irregular periods which was the other concerning thing for my husband and me.  Though I have been taking medications, I never wanted to have a child from artificial insemination or a child from a sperm donor. I was pretty sure about that and over a year we got a divorce and married a close associate of mine. It is since one year that we got married and still I do not have a child. So I made up mind to make sure that things were fine at my end. I found a fertility treatment center in my place and I was prescribed with Clomid.

I bought the drug online which is completely a different story and I will get back to that later about how to buy Clomid online.

Buy Clomid Online

Initially I was prescribed with 50 Mg of Clomid and it did not help, then my doctor prescribed me 100 Mg and again it too failed to work for me. I was already pissed with the drug that was prescribed in the last 10 years and I could not take any more of this. Finally my health care professional prescribed me 150 Mg and I took the drug for two weeks and later I found out that I was weeks pregnant. I was overjoyed and could not control the happy feeling I had when I found that I was pregnant. I must especially thank the doctor who did not lose hope and asked me to continue with the drug, even knowing that I was really pissed at him.

And now getting back to the fact of buying the drug online, a small insight is required to buy drugs online, as it is associated with the health factors.

The first and foremost thing someone would be asking about buying the drug online is that is it possible to buy Clomid without a prescription? It varies from province to province. There are few pharmacies that sell the drug without a prescription and there few drug stores that sell the drug without a prescription. When it comes to buying online, I guess there would be no problem in buying the drug online without a prescription.  Yes, the drug can be bought without a prescription legally.

The next big question would be where to buy Clomid online safely, as there are too many online pharmacies that sell Clomid. If you really wanted to know how to buy the drug online and which is the best place to buy online, you should only know few details about the drug and the online drug store. Check if the site has displayed all the terms and conditions, privacy policies, shipping policies, return policies, registration number and license numbers. If they have provided every single thing in the site, it means that they strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of the State.

Also check if the site is SSL certified, if yes, it means that the banking information you provide in the online portal is safe and cannot be used by any intruders, who wanted to steal your data.

Reading the user reviews and testimonials, is the greatest of all, as they would be providing you the genuine reviews and testimonials unlike few other companies, who hire people to manage their online reputation. Purchase Clomid online from a site that fits in above mentioned all.